This morning I took my Scotty dog, Mac, with me to the top of the covered parking lot between San Pedro and Market Streets where Romeo and I flew Phantoms yesterday. I wanted to get some more reference shots of the big cranes to help me formulate a plan for doing a touch down landing on one of them. Just before the sun was fully up I approached the big crane working on the project at Santa Clara and San Pedro and I discovered that the crew starts early as a crane operator was already up on the boom.

He saw my Phantom and walked back toward the ballast where I was flying and, to my delight, he grinned broadly and gave a little salute before pulling out his own cell phone to get shots of the little quadcopter orbiting his workplace. It was one of those very small encounters that gives your whole day a nice lift. I'm glad he enjoyed the deviation from the routine and the footage sure gives me an appreciation for the guys who work that high aloft!



11/12/2015 11:11pm

Crane operating is not a child's play that need a big and strong heart. There are a lot of crane operators in the world but few of them are great and they did work in some great and difficult projects.

08/26/2016 4:15am

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It's so dangerous there...

02/28/2016 11:44am

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08/01/2016 9:24am

I dont know how they are working on such a height. I have a heart attack higher than ten floor!

01/22/2017 8:22am


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