If you have been following some of my aerial panoramas, you might have picked-up that I truly enjoy that Vertical Panorama view. 

What exactly is a Vertical Panorama? We humans have a pretty good field of view. When we look straight forward, we catch almost a half a circle horizontally. Meaning we can detect approx. 130-170 degrees field of view to our left and right. Now what about vertically; above and below us? Vertically our eyes cover approx. 50-55% field of view above us and 60-70% below us. That's why we sometimes trip over something because what's 90% below us, we don't detect when looking straight ahead. 
So when we stitch several horizontal images together wan get an image which is larger than our 130-170 degrees view. Those panoramas look stunning to us because we never see this view for ourselves in real-time without having to move our head or eyes. 

The same is true for Vertical Panoramas - there, it's a little more tricky as we can never see something looking straight down and in front of us both sharp and in focus. That's why those Vertical Panos are so fun to look at; you can see what the camera sees looking straight down on the bottom of the image, and then when you wander up the picture, you see what the camera view was looking straight ahead. All in one.  

Different Ways of Creating Vertical Panos

The premises of creating these vertical panoramas is pretty much all the same; you take a picture with the camera in one of the two end positions; either looking straight down or looking straight at the horizon. Then you keep tilting your camera and keep taking a picture after another. That constant change in tilt keeps changes the angle of which the camera views the object. It also picks up other details which previously were not in the picture. When done you should have several images, which by itself are all offset from each other. 

Then you stitch them together. Today I tried two different method of stitches them together. I used 16 and then 8 images for both ways and was trying to see if I could detect a difference in the end. 

The difference is in how you align the images in Adobe Photoshop CC. I use Auto-Align Layers and usually I pick the "Spherical" option. That one takes a few more steps, like aligning the horizon and scaling the image so you don't have "blind spot" areas. 

The other option is "Reposition" and the nice thing about that option is that you actually don't have to align your horizon. The software does it by itself, as long as you have several good images. 

The images below were aligned in two different ways with two different amount of images. No additional color correction was done to any of them. Also nothing was fixed (the first Reposition image shows a wave out of order). This process was just done to see which one I liked best. 

Spherical Option

Reposition Option 

I think the 16 images stitched together in the Spherical option turned out best. Right off the beginning the colors were a little stronger. But I also like the 16 images done with the Reposition option. It appears to me that taking more images than really needed makes a difference. 
Below are all four images with some additional adjustments (and the wave fixed). From left to right; 16 Reposition, 16 Spherical, 8 Reposition and 8 Spherical. 

Interestingly, I noticed that the 8 Spherical one seems to be using different parts of the various 8 images to make the final product. The 16 images panoramas seem to pretty much use the same areas from the various images. 


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