Sorry it has been a couple of weeks since I updated this area of our website. 

It's been a hectic few weeks. Between going to Atlanta, focusing on my real job, doing some fun side-projects, I was also moving. Luckily I "only" moved two floors up but every time you have to pack and unpack stuff, it's just time consuming. Not to mention lifting everything. At one point I thought about using the S800 or S1000... 

Besides flying some very beautiful and some new locations, I mostly enjoyed some of the people I met and got connected with. Some connections started online and then transferred over into real-life, others were just meeting people on the spot. 

This aerial photography hobby is even more exciting today than it would have been 10 years ago. Why? Because of the way we can share images, video and information, get feedback and share a view from just a couple minutes ago with somebody who is thousands of miles away. 


Over the past couple of weeks I have also been learning new processing techniques. This is all pretty exciting and I will have to do more practicing. This particular shot here is a HDR. HDR stands for High-Dynamic-Range. Imagine three or more images taken with different exposures. In this case here, one very dark exposure, which pretty much only shows the bright Sun, one picture with a little more exposure showing more landscape details, and one overexposed picture showing everything pretty bright. If you then combine the three you get something like the average. 

The DJI Phantom Vision and Vision+ let's you adjust the exposure between shots and so you can actually do a HDR. Above you can see the three different exposed images and the HDR result after processing them. 

VR 360 

Another thing I am learning, thanks to the one and only Russell P. Brown from Adobe, is doing a Virtual Reality 360 degrees pano. Take a look at what this looks like; also from The Dish.  Another VR 360 we did was at Point Bonita and again, Russell did a great job in putting together the images I took there. Check it out here! 

There is just so much wonderful stuff to learn and this is what excites me and makes me want to get up at 4 AM to find that beautiful sunrise. 

Planet Image

I played with this effect a few months ago but didn't really get good results. But this is something I really would like to learn in more detail as it can make for a very interesting and artsy end result. 

I flew this location and took several still images and then Russell took all the panorama images and created this planet effect. Here is a great tutorial about it too



05/04/2014 10:32am

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03/27/2017 10:02pm

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