One of those glorious mornings where Mark and I got to spend time with some of our flying friends; Robyn, Sarah, and Blake. We chose to meet up on the North side of the Golden Gate bridge and together we enjoyed the Sun rise. 

We call it "Flightclub" and it is a group of like minded individuals who enjoy the beautify of safe and fun flying, aerial photography and enhancing the technology by making modifications to the hardware. Robyn is truly a master in that! It's always fun to come together as a group and see what others do, how they position their multi-rotor to take a picture of make a movie. Blake, for example, is known for his backward flying skills. Sarah brings a different dimension to aerial photography as she has a very good eye for composition. Robyn is one heck of a taker-offer. Got to love her. 


06/01/2014 5:02pm

A - Team :)


Guys, you are cool! I just love watching flying people and listen their emotions and sharing experience. I'd like to do the same but I'm afraid of height. Can you give me any advice how to come over inner fear? How about you, did you feel any?

01/27/2017 9:20am

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The natural scene of sun rise is very amazing specially when we see with our friends. Friendship is very powerful relation. In friendship we can enjoy all the world beauty but without friends we do nothing in our life.


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