Last September we assembled a fleet of DJI Phantoms to take to Las Vegas for the Adobe Photoshop World Top Gun Flight class. At that event we introduced the concept of aerial photography with this platform and how to take advantage of the power of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premier. 

Today we got together again to prepare the flying machines for their next event in Atlanta in early April. 

Since last September this hobby has gained major momentum and I see aerial pictures and videos from really every corner of the world. With this increase there also comes increased visibility, increased concern and an increase of issue. 

We have an opportunity to teach others on the concept of safe flying, of how to always revert back to common sense and to follow local laws and regulations. 

For more information about the Adobe Photoshop World Top Gun Flight School click here



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02/02/2016 8:24pm

With this increase there also comes increased visibility, increased concern and an increase of issue.

02/26/2016 4:06am

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06/01/2016 11:14pm

I'm happy to continue to update the most recent information and also articles to ensure that we do not saturate when you visited this blog site.

08/05/2016 9:46am

These drones are great! I wish I could visit this event.

09/15/2016 6:53am

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