Saturday evening we decided to take part of our fleet to Santa Cruz and get some aerial views of all the surfers at Steamer Lane. 

The colorful sunset gave us just the perfect ambiance and it was so much fun watching the surfers from above. 

For the 5 image panorama below I tried something different. I started out to the left, taking one image, then yawing the Vision slightly to the right, taking the next image and so on. After image 3 I waited for another big wave and then took the shot. Then I waited again for another big wave and took the 5th image. I was hoping to capture an illusion of more waves than reality. And it did work. You can see a second wave rolling up right behind the first one. Much closer than in reality. But adds to the image. 

5 image panorama of Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, CA


01/28/2014 11:42am

Super Page!!! Mit schönen Bildern! Gratuliere Euch beiden zu diesem Erfolg! Kiss Britt


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