DJI, the manufacturer of the Phantom, S550, S800 and the upcoming S1000, asked me to present during their media event at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. 

The topic of my presentation was how this technology is changing the way we think of travel and vacation photography and I shared our experiences and impressions from traveling with two Phantoms through Switzerland and France last fall. 

What Mark and I quickly learned was that the experience consists of not only us and our flying platforms - but the locals play an important part in this. Almost every flight we had people come up to us - first a little skeptical about us and our intentions, but by us including them in the experience, they left not only knowing more about the purpose of this technology, but they had just gotten to see their own home town from 400 feet above. Why? Because we let them watch through our monitors and goggles and we explained what they were seeing, how this all works and even gave them some stick-time. 

Romeo Durscher presenting at the DJI Media Event at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.


09/14/2015 6:57am

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07/30/2016 3:50am

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09/02/2016 12:22am

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10/10/2016 12:55am

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