Today we flew in the Davenport area. Finally we had some clouds and it's nice to have a different feel around sunrise. The clouds add to the image. 

So, my friend Mindy said that the aerial "selfies" that we take are so awesome. Granted, I have always enjoyed taking a picture of myself from the air, but most of them I just keep in my collection and don't share them. Who, besides me, wants to see me from the air anyway?! 

But that got me thinking - there is actually something very fun and interesting in doing these aerial selfies. Especially when you can bring out a certain look in the picture. 

So I decided to take a selfie of me flying over the old train tracks outside the Davenport Cement Factory. This facility closed its operation in 2010 and kind of looks like a ghost town. 

I flew my DJI Vision and had my settings on the camera changed to RAW (taking images in the RAW format) and adjusted the exposure to more dark, as I was taking an image against the Sun. Since the image is being taken in RAW, I can recover some of the details later on. So I wasn't too worried about it. 

Let me tell you upfront - I am not a professional with this. But that's exactly the point. If I can learn and get better with using these various techniques, then others can too. 

Here is the original image (jpg). I am standing on the tracks (no worries, the tracks are not used anymore). 

Since it's against the bright Sun, not much detail can be seen. 

I immediately downloaded the image (jgp version) from the DJI Vision camera straight onto my smartphone (iPhone 5S) and then processed it to my liking in a couple of different apps. 

It is amazing the power some apps have. 

Once I got home I uploaded the RAW file onto Adobe Bridge and Photoshop and recovered some of the details in there. I replaced part of the parking lot to add a little more drama.

I really enjoyed this final feel of the image. 

And leave it to Mark to add that little extra... 



01/27/2014 12:46pm

Didn't know you had this "sight'. Love and hope to keep up on it.

Mindy Hertzon
01/27/2014 12:47pm

Very excited you are taking my word for how awesome your aerial selfies are! You inspire me too, Romeo!!!!

01/27/2014 1:15pm

I love the finished product - amazing what you guys can do. Great work and I just love the Vegas photo showcasing the Wynn - super spectacular ! Way to go Romeo and Mark


These snaps are so professional & giving an impression that they are captured by a profession photographer. Some awesome clicks you have taken.

05/04/2016 5:13am

Hi nice information thank for sharing with us keep it up i get here nice information.

06/16/2016 12:12am

You got crazy idea taking a selfie from aerial is good thought. That DJI vision has really helped a lot in taking your selfies. I can see the pictures of you standing on the railway track. But, these pictures look bit disturbed or lack of proper light to take picture. We can add our creativity to raw pictures.


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