Today we also flew the mighty S800 EVO with a GH2 camera on the Zenmuse gimbal. 

The way we have set this up is that one flies the machine, visually and via ground-station, the other person controls the camera via a live view on a monitor. 

We recently installed a Futaba T8J radio transmitter for the camera controls. Our goal was to get smoother and softer camera movements, especially important when doing a video project. We have been testing a variety of curve adjustments and have been seeing a big improvement. Hang tight, once we have a good mix, we will talk about this here too. 

We also set-up one of the controls as a shutter for the camera. When flipping the switch, the camera takes an image. This is very handy; you align your shot and "press the shutter button". 

We tested this set-up and took a seven image panorama of the famous Shark Tooth rock formation. 

If you have any techniques that have proven to be good for you, please share them with you here in the comment section. 

Here is a RAW image from the GH2 camera on the S800. Having a switch set-up on the transmitter to manually trigger a shot really let's you frame the image. 



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