Today's flight adventure brought us first to this very typical French tree alley. We had driven by here a few times and always said that we need to stop here and take some pictures. 

So this morning we did - to show off how we travel with our equipment. As you can see, I am keeping my Phantom in a hard-shell case. It's perfect and fits all that I need to fly; Phantom, radio, batteries, FPV goggles and apart parts. 

After this little photo-op we drove to Monras, which has this beautiful castle on top of a cliff. I had seen these ruins last summer when we were here and was wondering what that was. Then this fall we have been driving by twice already and so we finally stopped and looked at it; just the most perfect place to fly, because you are getting an amazing perspective of the ruins and the cliff. 

Romeo posing with one of the guards at the Ruins of Monras.
The ruins overlooking the town of Monras. right next to this fortress is a cliff, going straight down. This view is exactly what makes these machines so amazing. Even with an airplane you could have not gotten this shot (safely). 

Another beautiful view of this very impressive area. 



03/29/2016 3:38am

We can see that drones is really very helpful in photography and this photographer know very well how to use it for this job that really deserve appreciation and thanks for these nice shots.


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