On my way back from Monterey I decide to find this lighthouse in Santa Cruz. I made it just in time for sunrise and boy, was this beautiful to fly. 

I put on my Fatshark goggles and flew around the lighthouse, capturing the setting Sun, the waves and the beautiful sky. I had so much fun and truly enjoyed this location. 



04/06/2016 12:14am

Nothing is more precious then a beautiful eye cathing location (imagine you are on a trip) , and if you find a lighthouse somewhere on the beach or on a seaside so you are a lucky person , sight seeing from the lighthouse is truly a great experience and lighthouse in Santa Cruz, O Boy!

04/20/2016 4:27am

Lighthouses are great, they give you an exciting view. I am glad that you found it near you. Enjoy the amazing nature views from the lighthouse, I will share it with my friends so that we can also go.


Beautifully place the lighthouse near the sea, it is giving and interesting nature view, I must call a photographer I hope the person went their had a DSLR? If not then he is the unlucky person alive.


your post is very interesting for see, I am personally very fond with your handwriting on this page.


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