Mark convinced me that I should get a stabilization gimbal for my Phantom. So I did and he recommended to start with the Arris CM2000 Brushless Gimbal. 

A gimbal is in essence an additional platform attached to your multiroter which stabilizes the camera. So it counter-acts the movement of the flying machine to keep the camera as steady as possible. 

We installed it and did a test-flight. What an amazing difference from before. The gimbal has not been calibrated so it's not perfect just yet. But it really is a big improvement from before. Take a look yourself. 


10/22/2015 10:33am

Great video. Thanks for it.


It is nowadays easy to get the professional camera, but one should learn the technique behind using the camera, you can own an expensive camera but if you don’t know its mechanics it is useless for you.


It is very necessary to get the camera stick perfectly with the device which you are using for some video shoot or coverage. Thanks to share such nice and awesome post. Hope you will upload some more and great posts.

05/09/2017 8:03pm

Gimbal can really give you a more beautiful drone shot, only if you know how to use it properly. Many people own a gimbal, but they cannot fully get how to use it. This is the reason why you should learn how to use a specific item before buying it. Make an effort to learn how to use it, and never stop learning. You can maximize its use and will be able to produce jaw dropping shots if you know how to maneuver this gimbal!


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