I just flew a DJI Phantom quadcopter for the very first time. Not only that, but thanks to Mark and all of his equipment, I got to fly the Phantom "FPV". FPV stands for "First Person View" and in essence makes the experience feel like you are inside the flight deck of the flying machine. How? This Phantom model has a GoPro camera attached to it and the view of the camera is being transmitted to a receiver connected to goggles. Inside the googles are two screens; one for the left and one for the right eye. On those screens are the live images from that camera being projected. 

Flying this way is a trip and can even lead to motion sickness. But boy is it an experience. It feels so amazing and really puts you in the pilot seat. 



10/03/2015 12:33pm

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07/13/2016 12:16am

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